04 January 2011

30 Day Wardrobe Challenge

Happy New Year! One of my resolutions for '11 is to challenge myself in all areas of my life. My first challenge is my wardrobe. Over the last few weeks, I’ve notice that I am always wearing the same thing. Black wool pencil skirt. White blouse. Tan fishnets. Black patent stilettos. It's become my uniform! How boring is that! Even as a personal stylist, I get into a wardrobe rut. To give all of my clothes an equal opportunity and challenge my creativity, I will wear everything in my closet within 30 Days.

30 Day Wardrobe Challenge Rules:

- Cannot wear the same item twice
- Cannot wear the same shoes twice in one week
- No shopping :(
- Special occasion dresses are excluded

Anything that did not coordinate into an outfit will be recycled at GW after this challenge. I promise to post my daily outfits so that you all can hold me accountable to this challenge. Wish me luck!


  1. This is something I will be following! I can learn from you! Write on! - V

  2. Gooooo Jana! I'm so glad you're back. I'll be watching your wardrobe challenge. This sounds much more interesting. I'm challenging myself to some things in 2011 too. 'Talk to you later. - Joy H.


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