12 November 2010

GW Treasures

This post is long over due. I 've been so caught up with work obligations that I have not had the mindset to talk fashion. How sad is that? Well, I am back now!!!
As promised back in August, here are the finds from the $2 Goodwill shopping adventure:

13 Skirts
12 Shirts
3 Sweaters
3 Jackets/Coats
8 Dresses

Brands include: Banana Republic, Ann Klein, Ann Taylor, Zac Posen(!), Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Tahari...

And guess how much all of this cost? $72 Bucks!!!! That's the cost of 1 measly shirt at Banana Republic!

And because this is a lot of loot and I am a wardrobe consultant, I purged my closet of some items that I have not worn all Summer and will not wear again for the Fall. Had to free up space!

I believe the next $2 GW sale is at the end of November. Just in time for Christmas shopping!

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