23 August 2010

OH ME! OH MY!! The $2 sale is Baack!!

 I just can't contain my excitement! The $2 clothing sale is going down this Friday, August 27th At GW! Since my competitive spirit turns up, I just can't reveal which locations are participating (sorry.) However, email me and I will spill the details. I will post my finds after this monumental event! OH!!!!!! I can't WAIT!

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  1. Hi Jana. Love your blog and website. I looked up my "style file" (my numerous marked magazine pages that I have collected)... and you're right, I'm not crazy just interested in fashion. I really enjoyed talking with you. That was the longest meeting I've had and not complained about it...I actually had fun. I really do agree with your philosophy about frugal fashion which is why I frequent the shops on your list. I haven't been to a Salvation Army store though. Are they like GW? When is the next $2 sale? Let me know because I definitely want to check it out. I also love frugal shopping because I like to be unique and I don't like to see others wearing the same thing I am wearing. I'll talk to you soon...I try to find you on facebook. See you next week. - Joy H.


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