08 July 2010

I Love GW

No, not George Washington University! I'm talking about the best second hand store this world has to offer: The Goodwill! Racks, of many racks of clothing, accessories, and house decor for bottom of the barrel prices! Next to running, a trip to GW instantly lifts my mood. Why, you ask? I have discovered some wardrobe gems at this treasure cove. Ann Taylor and Banana Republic Skirts! Trina Turk and Marc Jacobs Dresses! Diane Von Funstenburg and JCrew Pants! That's just to name a few of my treasures. I'm very dedicated to GW and rarely  shop at other secondhand stores. Here's why:

 Set Prices: At the GW's in my neighborhood, all of the skirts and pants are under $6; shirts and sweaters, $3-5; and dresses for only $7.99!

Corporate Donations: Target, Ann Taylor Loft, J Crew and Banana Republic all donate brand new clearance items 
Friendly Staff: I love to folks that work at my neighborhood GW's. They are always very friendly and helpful. 

Head on out to your local GW for a great bargain hunting experience. You will not be disappointed. 

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