08 July 2010

Get Over Your Self: Stop Being a (Fashion) Snob

What exactly is a fashion snob? A person that is extremely brand and store loyal and shuns stores that do not have perfume and cosmetic counters. Well, let me spill the beans on some industry secrets.

A majority of the clothing at the discount chains such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross are canceled orders from the major department stores. Haven't you seen the Marshall commercials? For once, a corporation isn't lying. Contrary to popular belief, most of the merchandise is current season and not defective. And this may surprise you. Many manufactures love selling to these off price retailers because they purchase larger volumes than the department stores. In fact, the keystone markup on your clothing is 75%. In non-industry talk this means that that cute Calvin Klein dress at Norsdrom that sells for $250 only cost about $25 to make. Yea, sad. I know.

So, get over your self! Yes, I know that the above mentioned discount stores can give you a headache with the florescent lights and dizziness might also incur from the racks upon racks of unorganized clothing. But, shopping should be an adventure! I get sooo excited when I find a designer item for pennies. I seriously get a high.  I feel like I am socking it to the conventional department stores. Take that Nordstrom!

  The large department stores use all types of psychological tricks to lure you in: Soothing music, pretty lighting, creative window displays, stylish mannequins. Its all a ploy! Don't be fooled! So head on over to that off price retailer. You just might find a true treasure.

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