02 June 2010

What's Your Personality Type?

I'm not talking about your Myers Briggs. I'm talking of your fashion personality. Believe it or not, but we all have one. How you dress is an indication of how you would like the world to view you. And also, how you view yourself.  Understanding your fashion personality is key to successful frugal shopping. Based on my experiences in shopping, observations, and working with clients, there are 4 types:

Classic: Slightly conservative towards fashion trends, you're attracted to a tailored silhouette and understated details. You tend to shop at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor and like clothing labels Theory, Ann Klein, Donna Karen, and Elie Tahari. You desire sophistication in your clothing choices.

Feminine: Very much a girl with all of the frilly details such as ruffles and lace. You prefer fluid silhouettes and subtle accessories. You appreciate vintage style and can spend all day in Anthropologie. Nanette Lepore, Tracy Reese, Shoshanna, and Betsy Johnson are your go to labels. You desire the perception of  grace and elegance in your fashion sense.

Sexy: Skin and tight is your calling card. You have to show off the assets! But always in a classy way, of course. You are trendy and are always on the lookout for bold accessories and a slim silhouette. Your closet is made up of clothing from Bebe, Express, and Arden B. BCBG was created with you in mind. You're seductive in your clothing choices. 

Comfort: You prefer ballet flats and puma's over 5 inch stilettos any day. Some call you athletic or sporty and your clothing mirrors that image. Shopping can sometimes be a chore, but you feel the most relaxed in clothing from Abercrombie and Fitch, J crew, and Gap. You live in James Perse Tees and Rock and Republic Jeans. Soft textures and a layered silhouette define your relaxed look.

Okay. So you are probably thinking, "but, more that one describes me!" Well, just like with our actual personalities, we have dominant traits and passive traits. For example, my dominant fashion trait is Feminine; my passive is Classic. If you have more than two-  I am sorry to say this- but you're a fashion schizo and are in need of  (fashion) therapy. That's where my frugal fashion styling services come in handy! Contact me and we can set up a therapy session to get your closet in balance.

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