17 November 2017

What exactly is Black Tie? Decoding Dress Codes

It's Holiday Season!

Get Fancy. With velvet and satin all the rage for Fall 2017 Fashion, you should have no issue finding these lux fabrics in plenty. From swanky work events to an elevated house party, your wardrobe should match the festivities of the season.

" You can never be overdressed or over educated."-Oscar Wilde

When the invite calls for "Creative Black Tie" or "Cocktail Casual", what do you wear?
To help you avoid the frenzy and anxiety associated with dress codes, I've complied some visuals  by Style Personality. Use this as your guide for this season's festivities:

Tips for Classic Style Personality: Stick to clean silhouettes in solid colors. Velvet and satin fabrics should be your go-to's. 

Tips for Comfort Style Personality: Turn your love of easy fabrics into a formal wear with fluid silhouettes and elevated causal separates. 

Tips for Sexy Style Personality: Shine and texture are your calling cards for special occasion dressing.  Sticking to your style authenticity, keep the silhouette fitted but select only one "asset" to display for work related events. 

Tips for Feminine Style Personality: Now is the time for tulle and lace! Keep your look sophisticated by adding vintage inspiration to your look in classic silhouettes. 

Confused about your Style Personality? I got you covered. Schedule your 30 min Style Consultation to identify your  key looks for the Holiday Season. Click here to begin your journey. 

08 November 2017

Baubles and Beads: The 5 Jewels Your Wardrobe Needs

Complete your outfit...

One of the challenges faced by many of my clients is accessorizing.
Often an after thought when getting dressed, a jewelry box full of beautiful ornaments goes untouched. Sometimes the intimidation of several options causes the client to go without. If too many choices cause decision paralysis, I've come up with the solution.
Define 5 staple items that are guaranteed to coordinate with your entire wardrobe.
Here are my suggestions:
Main Image - BaubleBar Gabriela Tassel Fringe Earrings
Tassel Earrings: Perfect for work wear and weekend fun. Looks great with a shift dress in a solid color for work and a patterned jumpsuit for Sunday brunch.

Main Image - Majorica 7mm Round Pearl Endless Rope Necklace
Long Strand of Pearls: Adds sophistication and class to any outfit. Not just for special occasions, Toss around your neck when paired with jeans and a stripped tee for a nod to Parisian Chic.

Bib Statement Necklace: LOVE this over a turtleneck with a pencil skirt.

Bangle Bracelets: Select in your favorite metal, the movement creates a focal point on your arm.

Bird Pendant

Eclectic Pendant Necklace: Choose your favorite token as a conversation piece. A great add-on to an ultra conservative work outfit. 

Available in this month's Style in a Box! Click the images to shop.

03 November 2017

Style Intelligence: What's your Style Personality?

Who are You?

I strongly believe that the strength of great personal style begins with knowing your Style Personality. I spend a significant amount of time identify and educating my clients on how to create consistency in their shopping habits and personal brand identity. Everything from texture, silhouette, and color are non-verbal visual cues into your style identity. 

Let’s discover yours.

Let's begin your journey to great personal style.

Webinar: Learn  your Style Personality

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

6 pm - 7 pm 

24 October 2017

You need a Plan: When getting Dressed is Stress

The Planned Wardrobe

We've all done it. Stared into your  closet for an extricating 5 minutes trying to invent what to wear. Hastily put on a shirt only to discover during your commute that  you're wearing the wrong bra. Didn't show up to an event because you believed you had nothing to wear in a closet full of clothes. 
Let's stop the madness!
With adequate planning and knowledge of the contents of your closet, you can eliminate the stress of getting dressed.

Here's how:

1. Organize your Closet, Drawers, and Shoe space.
a.  Schedule a 4 hour uninterpreted appointment with yourself. During this time, organize your closet by item and color.  Get rid of clothing that is stained and does not fit your current sizing.
b. Take inventory of the folded items in your drawers. Often these items are hidden and forgotten. If you have the space, hang your knit sweaters on felt hangers for visibility. Fold your bras and panties and match up your socks.  Get rid of items that do not fit. 
c. Store away seasonal shoes. Special occasion or lifestyle specific shoes should be kept out of visual space in your closet. This is a little controversial, but storing your shoes out of boxes and on a shoe rack is more of a guarantee that you will not forget about them. Get rid of uncomfortable shoes and repair shoes with scoff marks, missing heel caps, and worn down heels. 
2. Schedule a Wardrobe Prep day. 
 a. Sunday afternoons works best. Each week, dedicate 2 hours on a Sunday to plan your wardrobe for the week. Consider the weather, and your week's activities in the planning. 
b. Coordinate your wardrobe into outfits. From your undergarments to your shoes, all should be prearranged. Be certain to try it all on! 
c. Lay it out and snap! Take a picture of all your coordinated looks and organize it into a folder on your phone's photo gallery. You'll be able to recall what you've worn as your planning progresses.
d. Hang your weekly outfits together. Preferably in the front of your closet or on a valet bar if that is an option. With coordination complete, you can now grab and go!
3. Live stress Free!
a. More time for what matters. With dedicated planning, you have an extra 5 -15 minutes for morning activities. That can be a better breakfast, morning meditation, or extra time sleeping. Whatever you choose, you life will be better because you planned for success.  

17 October 2017

How to Wear it: Scarfs

Tie it Up

Scarves are one of my favorite accessories that are easily forgotten. 

Often an afterthought in coordinating an outfit, that little glim of patterned fabric can really add a je ne sais quoi to ordinary jeans and a tee.

Here's how to incorporate a scarf into your outfits:

Scarf Street Style via @WhoWhatWear 

1. A Necklace alternative:
A long and loose knot adds a creative quality to a knit dress. 

11 Style Tips On How To Wear A Silk Scarf, Outfit Ideas | Gurl.com

2. Swipe out your belt:
 Tie a long scarf high on your waist on top of a slim pencil skirt.

 3. Jazz up your bag:
Wrap a scarf around your handbag's handle. 

1.Take inventory of your scarves.
2. Create 2 piles:  Keep or Donate.
4. Establish a  budget.
5. Schedule your Monthly Style in a Box Service for scarves! 

Commit to your wardrobe.
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