23 April 2018

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10 April 2018

3 for $300: Shopping Spring 2018 Trends on a Budget

Building Your Spring Wardrobe

The sun has arrived! I was beyond excited to pull out my spring wardrobe staples. Searsucker Blazers, Crochet Dresses, Cotton Voile Skirts; my wardrobe is finally light! Just as I do during a Style Coordination with my clients, I created a list of Spring 2018 Trends I would like to add. Then, I establish a shopping budget.
"Shopping is a bit of a relaxing hobby for me, which is sometimes troubling for the bank balance." - Rebecca Hall
If your wardrobe is pretty well established, $300 is a reasonable amount to hit the stores in search of the perfect Spring wardrobe pieces. To narrow down the search and avoid sensory overload, I've identified 3 Trends to try that I'm certain will mix well with your current wardrobe. Here are the 3 Trends:

This print makes me happy. It's a classic that is a sure win-win for the Feminine Style Personality and will look fantastic in a vintage-inspired midi- dress. The Classic Style Personality will get great wear out of Gingham in an accessory while the Sexy Style Personality can for this cheeky print in a larger check in an unexpected, bold color. 
Meadow Lark
The color of joy! If you're more of a Low Energy Color Personality, wear this as an accessory instead of all over. For the High Energy Color Personality, mix this with Rapture Rose for the ultimate in High Contrast dressing. 
Midi Shorts
Short-suits are fantastic. The perfect balance of sophistication and casual in professional environments. Look for Midi-Shorts in 7" - 10" inch lengths. 

I've searched the internet for you!
Take your $300 shopping budget and click the image to add any of these and many more items into your spring wardrobe: 

06 April 2018

Spring Fashion 2018: The Textiles

Spring Style 2018: Textures and Prints

I love textiles. Bold floral prints and soft fabrics have the ability to communicate an emotion through visual sensory and physical touch. Prints and textures can change an environment from sophisticated and chic to dated and drab in a second..Imagine what the right (or wrong!) textile will do to you?

"Decisions are the frequent fabric of our daily design."Don Yaeger

I've identified 5 Textures and 5 Prints that are hot and happening for Spring/Summer 2018. Get inspired to revive your wardrobe!

The Textures
The movement fringe creates when you walk is something of magic! If you're feeling bold and sexy get your self a dress with all over fringe. Feeling a bit demure? Get your taste of fringe on the hem of a structured jacket.
This 80's nod is making a STONG comeback! Moving beyond rubber boots, latex-like looks look best on structured silhouettes. Give it a try on a black pencil skirt. 
Yes! You can wear sequins before 5 pm! Jazz up your weekend wear with a cotton -sequined cardigan paired with your favorite jeans. 
I wasn't too keen on this trend at first sight. It gives me all the late 90's feels for the wrong reasons. My prejudice aside, this look ONLY works with strong, current tailoring. The denim needs to be a dark indigo to prevent drifting in the horrors of fashion's past. 
Sheer is happening on dresses! Shown on the runways without a slip, I highly suggest wearing this look with one to make it work for work. 

The Prints

Who doesn't love a good polka dot? Adds instant cheer to any outfit and match it up with the bright hues of the season. 
The essential check of Spring and Summer! This vintage throwback print works best with sharply tailored pieces. 
A residence or vacation in the Palms or St. Tropez isn't required to enjoy the sunny cheer of preppy florals,  tropical palm trees, and swirly colors in bright color combos. 
In thin pinstripes, color blocks, and wide verticle lines theirs's a rainbow stripe that will work for you. 
Ditsy floral prints on whispy dresses are all the rage for Spring and Summer dressing. In fact, you may have such a dress already hanging in your closet! 

Next Up: How to make these trends work for you.


19 March 2018

Spring Fashion 2018: The Silhouettes

Spring Style 2018: Silhouettes

Spring is feminine.
A decidedly feminine silhouette was the overall theme on the runways for Spring/Summer fashion. The perfect companion to the season's bright hues and soft pastels, these looks will work for every Style Personality and Body Shape.
"Fashion is here to help make people look very important. If
they choose what suits them, I give them options on how they can do that. It’s
always sexy, and it’s always with the same result: making women look fantastic."
– Vivienne Westwood

Be prepared to dress well!

Smart coordinates were all over the runway. Pants in all hem lengths were represented from wide to cigarette. 

If you work in a casual environment, this is the perfect short length to introduce into your work wardrobe. Wear with a pump and smart jacket. 

This is lady-like dressing at it's best. Straight shift and a-line's work for most body shapes. Update your wardrobe with a midi in a fun print.

Another classic feminine look that goes beyond boring black. Pastels and brights are the perfect updates this season.

 80's glam made a bold comeback for Spring! Puffed sleeves and one-shoulder looks were everywhere. Trade out your cold shoulder looks for this update. 

A striking sexy look for the daring! Pair it with opaque tights for a little more coverage. 

 This wardrobe staple gets updated in floral prints and Spring hues. A much needed basic for rainy days. 

11 March 2018

The Palette of Spring 2018

Spring Style 2018: Color

Yay! It's time for Spring Fashion!

Although this Los Angeles weather has been anything but cooperative for a Spring wardrobe. I'm prepping client's closets to welcome in the cheer of the new season.

"The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also."- Harriet Ann Jacobs
After we store away the winter clothes, it's time to create a list of new items to add for Spring! The best way to begin is with color.
The colors of Spring 2018 are all about invoking serenity, confidence, and joy into your wardrobe.
Color Forecaster Pantone has created a beautiful kaleidoscope of hues for your the try this season.
The Reds
This bright red was all over the runways for spring. Mixes beautifully with creamy neutrals and bold hues.
A brownish red usually reserved for Fall makes a strong statement when paired with Spring brights. Treat this color as a neutral.
A true chocolate brown that I can't wait to see paired with the purples of Spring.

The Pinks

An orange-y pink that's not quite a coral is great when paired with blues and greys.
A true pink that's the perfect shade of our favorite childhood bubble gum. This bright pink looks bold with browns and yellows and mellow with whites and grays.
A sophisticated pink that works as a neutral when matched with neons and timeless next to deep blues.

The Greens & Yellows
A turquoise green that invokes the waters of the Carribean. Fantastic with neutrals and striking with a bright red.
This soft pastel is reminiscent of vintage design. Love it with crisp white and lovely with blue.
A neon greenish yellow that screams fun! The obvious neutrals work for a splash of brightness. Go bold and pair with the season's it color, Cherry Tomato.
A cheerful yellow that is a perfect compliment to the glitz of metallics. Keep the color chic and style it in conservative silhouettes.

The Purples

A bright purple that wears will with grey and metallics.
Love this lilac purple! Mixes well with other purples and blues. Love it with white.
This Color of The Year is my favorite shade of purple. More blue than red, it's stunning with navy.
The Blues

A pale blue reminiscent of a Summer sky. So chic when combined with deeper blues and browns.
Serene and dramatic, this blue looks awesome with greens and yellows.
A stunning complement to tone down the season's brights, this color is a must for your wardrobe.
The Neutrals

This pinkish tan is great if wearing pink isn't your thing. Match it with the brown of the season in a Spring fabric.
A creamy white that compliments all of the Spring colors.
Grey works for Spring! It's needed to keep the brights and pastels balanced.

A safe match for all of Spring's brights. Select this hue in a bottom when wearing a bright top to ground the outfit.

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