30 December 2016

New Year, New Color

Welcome Greenery into your life.

 It's all green. According to the color authorities over at Pantone, nails, clothes and walls, will all be green in 2017.

Influenced by the need for society to feel more grounded following the aftermath of 2016,  Greenery encourages a disengagement from technology and encourages more social and environmental awareness. The hints of yellow are a glimpse of joy and a reminder to exhale and appreciate. 

That's nice and all, but how do you wear it? 

If your personal color story is more on the cool color spectrum, I suggest pairing Greenery with white. This combo by W by Worth gets it right. 

I ADORE it with blue! Such a classic look that anyone can pull off with little effort.

Let's play around with this color together. I'm available for complimentary style assessments and personal shopping appointments at my showroom. 

Contact me for a personalized Greenery experience. 

18 August 2016

Fall Fashion:: What I'm buying

It's my favorite time of year! Although the sun is blazing with little chance of a cool down, my mind and heart are on Fall Fashion.  This past weekend, I went through the tremendous task of editing my summer and fall wardrobes. Usually, I edit as the season ends based on what I did not wear.  The purpose of this 12 hour task (I took 2 hour breaks every 3 hours) was to determine what I do not need and what I need to add. To start, I don't need any more white poplin blouses. What I do need is a white or cream cardigan. Those are basics that I tend to carry over from season to season and replace when signs of wear make an appearance. I also notice I have an extraordinary amount of blouses but not as many skirts as I thought. I'm also lacking in the dress department.

To compensate for my wardrobe deficit, here are some of the items I'm incorporating into my wardrobe this season:
This ponte knit dress is going to take me places. The fit is incredible- the hard to achieve balance of sophisticated sexy. The classic banker pin stripe on navy lends to a conservative vibe. I've been on a belt purchasing spree lately, and this wide belt with gold hardware is going to become a wardrobe staple. T-Straps are my go-to shoe and the Fall season is full of fun styles. I'm working on building my shoe wardrobe in unique colors and textures.

The former vegan in me feels guilty. Although this scrumptious vest is faux, the fur looks very real. I don't have anything like this in my wardrobe and I'm looking forward to incorporating this stand out with some of my favorite pieces...It will look amazing with my black pencil skirt and patent leather stilettos! I tend to shy away from printed skirts but ran straight to this beauty. It's constructed from a heavy cotton twill and features a digital fur print. How could I not want it?! I'm constantly purchasing booties for my clients but never consider this on-trend style for me..that's changing!

To give you some inspiration for your Fall Wardrobe, here are some key trends to consider:

Want to shop with me? Shoot me an email....

All Clothing from W by Worth Fall 2016 Collection. View more here. 

18 July 2016

Bye-Bye $2 Skirts! The end of thrift shopping

When it comes to shopping, I've always chosen quality over quantity. One well - constructed pencil skirt in the timeless shade of black instead of 10 skirts in trendy neon shades is a choice I always make when shopping- specifically thrift shopping.

With every item- regardless of brand/designer, quality, and priced below $20, It's dangerously easy to wind up with a wardrobe full of stuff. Stuff that hides the items your love. Stuff that was an impulsive purchase because of the cheap price tag. Stuff that requires an additional closet for storage.Stuff that you don't even really like. I'm tired of stuff. I want things with meaning.

It's pointless to aspire for a life full of meaning when I'm surrounded by meaningless stuff.

To get in alignment, to free my physical space from the clutter, I've adapted a new approach towards shopping.

I'm saying farewell to thrift and budget centered shopping.

You see, shopping thrift is a thrill. It's an adventure in the unknown.  Never knowing what I'll find and the potential to discover something great is the high. It's the shopper's version of gambling with time as the commodity. A commodity with little ROI.

The high of discovering an authentic Gucci skirt evaporates into thin air once a moth hole is discovered. I'm too old to play these emotional games with shopping!

My alternative to the gluttony of thrift shopping is curated shopping. A commitment to shop seasonal, 4 times a year. A commitment to add pieces that I absolutely adore. To purchase items of quality. To get rid of my fear of a higher price point.

To start, I've edited out my wardrobe of pieces that no longer serve a purpose in my life.  Just like some relationships, they had their season.

Goodbye to an era of the unknown. Hello to a future full of certainty.

21 March 2016

Wear Your Lingerie

 That satin silk jacket and lace camisole paired with flow-y trousers is so sensually tough.  Image: Givenchy

Spring has once again arrived. Time to pull out the pastels!

Known to me as Christmas in my mail box, it's also the time of year when my favorite magazines dedicate editorial space to covering what's "in".

With all things feminine as a major standout, my favorite trend is one that I've incorporated into my wardrobe for the last few years. Ladies, it's time to wear your lingerie outside the boudoir.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the 2016 Spring Shows:

 Everyday is a good day to wear black lace.   Image: Givenchy

Satin Slip Dress or a Chemise? You decide. Image: Celine

I will agree that these looks are a bit risque for meetings with your boss. However, you can for sure incorporate elements of the bedroom inside the boardroom.

I did some web shopping and found the following items that you can wear now: 

Tailored suit jacket in white with lace sleeves. You can wear this!
 BCBG $268

Worn with tights and a lace camisole underneath, you can make this work for work! Conservative office? Throw on a chambray blazer.
 Mod Cloth $38.99

I would love to see this paired with a pencil skirt for date night and under a tan blazer for work. 
Bebe $69

If you are still a bit style shy, you can't go wrong with a lace-y black bra and these tap pants...worn under you most conservative ensemble. It will be your secret.

18 February 2016

What's a Style Icon? My Style Story

Before it was Justice. The Limited Too: Circa 1994

We all have a story. In a previous post, I've shared how I developed an affinity for hosiery that's lasted for over 20 years. I've also shared my love for shades of blue. What I've yet to share is my style journey.
The awkward stage.
At least I had my matching top and
 scrunchie to get me through 6th grade.
Thank you Limited Too!

I discovered my love for style in 6th grade. Before Forever 21 and all invocations of fast fashion retailers, I had The Limited Too, Contempo Casuals, and Merry Go Round.

In high school, I graduated to The Gap (it was "The" Gap in the mid 90's); and Brass Plum, the junior's department at Nordstrom.  

8th Grade- I don't have too many pics from High School! I was camera shy. Take my word for it: I was decked out in a white pleated skirt, knee high socks, and platform maryjane's. 

I came of age before the internet. I received my fashion inspiration from TV and movies.  Clueless, My So Called Life, and Felicity were my icons. Ads in Sassy, Seventeen, and YM were my textbooks for great style. 

My So Called Life! Claire Dane's outfit to a "t". 

Close to 30 years later, I still see remnants of the past influenced in my style: Delicate floral prints, primary colored horizontal stripes, and of course, leg wear. Style is an accumulation of our life's experiences. Our aspirations, our inner desires, our cherished memories.  Style is personal. It is visual intimacy with the world. 

In essence, we are all icons of style.

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